I didn’t do it then, but I can do it now.

Cecelia McCaleb, Volunteer

I retired from teaching at Olivet high school, in 2001 and started volunteering with Sexual Assault Services in 2003. I wanted to do something different. I always thought I should have been trained to detect abuse with my students when I was in school. I decided, well, I didn’t do it then, but I can do it now.

The sexual assault program is important. It teaches parents, step-parents and families about sexual abuse, child abuse and domestic abuse.

I think after all the years I’ve been with Sexual Assault Services, I’ve seen the good it can , I think young teachers should be educated in how to talk about and identify child and sexual abuse. So that teachers can understand what victims are going through and help to address the issue.

As of 2017, Cecelia has volunteered 8,973 hours with Sexual Assault Services.

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