I count myself fortunate to be in their care

Pamela Godbey, Patient

I have been a patient at Bronson Cancer Center in Battle Creek since March, and I just want to say that I feel so blessed to be in the care of the Rock Star nurses that work there. They are compassionate and caring, they make a 3-plus hour infusion a far more pleasant experience that it could be.  As a testament of their dedication, I’ll share this: somehow I ALWAYS get the touchy IV pump and they are beckoned often by its incessant beeping. They always respond with a smile. I’m sure secretly, much like those of us with laptops that act up, they really want to throw them out the window, lol!  It DOES let me see faces I wouldn’t necessarily, as generally the closest nurse responds. They are an amazing example of care TEAM. I count myself fortunate to be in their care.