I couldn’t have had a better team or atmosphere to go through it with

Kaley Schmidt, Family Member

My daughter was admitted right after midnight in August 2017. She has developed a huge mass on one side of her neck and upon several inconclusive ultrasounds at our local hospital and a spiked fever it was recommended that we transfer to Bronson (Bronson Children’s Hospital).

My husband and I were in a panic. My tiny 10 month old was pale scared and just wanted to be at home.

The baby bus (pediatric) ambulance arrived and from the second they came through the door, everything started to feel more under control.

The team gently loaded up my daughter and let me ride with her. They played the theme song from Gilmore Girls to help keep her calm, which is the moment I knew we were in great hands.

We were greeted at Bronson by a team of professionals who were the top in their field. They explained everything simply and quickly.

We ended up spending 6 days in the children’s ward. But my daughter came through perfectly. Major surgery is never what you expect for a freak infection on your 10 month old. But I couldn’t have had a better team or atmosphere to go through it with.

They kept me and my husband informed every step of the way and did everything possible to keep our little girl comfortable and on the mend.

I could never tell you how thankful we are. You are all valuable beyond measure.

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