I couldn’t ask for a better experience and I’m glad I got it right from my hometown

Evan Marciszewski, Patient

While my wife’s passed out in bed I just want to take a quick minute and thank Bronson Battle Creek’s newborn delivery dept. What an awesome job everyone did helping my wife through this delivery of our baby girl Vada!! Thanks to Yankama “>Dr. Yankama OB for taking care of my wife for the past 9 months and doing an amazing job delivering our baby girl alongside the strength and determination of all the delivery nurses here in Battle Creek! Thanks to Daniella being there in the beginning of the process and the discharge as well. I wasn’t sure about having 2 pregnant women in the room but bless her heart coming to work everyday and help deliver babies up until her due date. A special shout out to Kailey the nurse that took over the shift from Daniella. Talk about a busy night for her. She got my wife just in time for the fun stuff such as the epideral, strong contractions, ginormous amount of painful pressure and finally the pushing and delivery of the baby! Kailey definitely rocked it out and took full charge of my wife and her needs as well as mine and our other kids during the visit. Talk about a Godsent! And if I’m not mistaken Kailey had one delivery before my wife’s and then two more after making it a total of four on that shift!!! Crazy! I couldn’t ask for a better experience and I’m glad I got it right from my hometown. Also thanks to Sheri for being very helpful towards the end of our leave. You were very down to earth and compassionate about my wifes needs and concerns. More directors like you are needed everywhere! Thank you all for the safe and healthy delivery of our new addition to our family. My wife and I definitely do appreciate it and with alot of really great doctors like Yankama and Dr Henry general family practice it will be hard to go on if you ever decide to retire! So please keep practicing, the community needs you!

And one more quick thank you to the EVS lady with the beautiful singing voice…Helen. You were very Kind, Sweet, and Funny….. my wife enjoyed you and your helpfulness in the beginning of our 3 day stay!

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