I could not have had a better experience

Susan Neller, Patient

I was in Bronson Hospital a month ago for a total knee replacement. I was very pleasantly surprised at having an incredibly positive experience with every person there. Every staff person was very caring, professional, respectful and playful, all in the right places. They were personable, sharing themselves with me. I could not have had a better experience. The day after my surgery, I fell. I felt humiliated, that I did something wrong. The staff teased me playfully which helped me let go of my shame. Then I admitted to Joe, my nurse, that I was afraid to go in the bathroom where I fell, afraid to walk & even to go home. I asked how was I going to get through the fear. He said in the most tender soft voice “you will go in the bathroom, you’ll walk down the hall and you’ll go home.” It was very reassuring to me, esp. the tone he used. And he was right! Every Nurse, PCA (Molly, Noe, Victor), Physical Therapist(Joanie, Sue), even one woman that brought me food was delightful. Because I am in the helping profession myself, I learned even more how impotant it is to have people that are truly present with you and giving. As as result of my experience with the people there at Bronson, I am healing well and able to help others more too. Thank you for having hired so many good people.

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