I can’t thank you enough I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you

Lakeesha Jeffries , Patient

Hi, my name is Lakeesha Jeffries and I didn’t know what title to choose because at the time of my experience I was and still is an employee but I also became a patient. While I was at work I took a break to visit my niece who was admitted to the Neuro Unit while there I went into cardiac arrest or you can say cardiac death because at that moment my heart stopped and I had no pulse. My sister called for help if it wasn’t for the fast response of the Neuro nurses doing CPR and the Rapid Response Team working on me and doing everything to bring me back the Trauma Unit I can’t thank you enough I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you all and your fast response and if I had who knows what quality of life I would have. Dr. Stancic and Dr. Jawad my cardiac doctors found the problem and put me on the course to recovery. But the care didn’t stop there it was the overwhelming care and support from Bronson afterwards. I only been there as an employee for 3 weeks and every time I took a patient to their car after they have been discharged they always said how wonderful their care had been and how wonderful the employees where to them. I can relate, I see their experience because I also experienced it too. I feel blessed and honored to be apart of a great family because that’s what it feels like family. Never in my 20 yrs in healthcare have I been apart of a team where patient care was the main priority and never ever have I worked for a company where my employers cared so much about their employees. To my bosses, Anthony Saltarelli and Jill Ulberg, on the Ortho Surgical Unit thank you both for your support your concern your prayers. I’m living proof it didn’t fall on deaf ears. I’m thankful for bosses like you beautiful people inside and out. The Chaplin, Chris, thank you for stopping by my room to check on me and pray with me. You don’t know how encouraging that was for me. My sister bosses, Jennifer Smeltzer and Lisa Osborn, thank you for your support to her this experience effected my family as well. Thank you. And to all the nurses and the PCA on NVU that day, thank you, thank you all I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you all. My Bronson family ❤️

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