I can’t thank you enough for the extra effort

Roland Johnson, Patient

My mother was seen in ER on Wednesday 7JAN15 in ER for a potentially life threatening condition. The efforts to determine her status took several hours, and was stressful on her. When she left the ER room she unknowingly left her bifocals in the bedding. After looking for her glasses in all of her belongings without success we returned to the ER where the staff was very busy.
However the ER greeter (Terri W.) and the nurse (Renee ?) that took care of my mother located the bedding that my mother used, and somehow found the glasses in the bedding and returned them to me.
The additional stress to my mother that this gesture avoided along with the treatment we received while in Bronson ER care was noteworthy. I can’t thank you enough for the extra effort.

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