I can’t thank you all enough for the fantastic care you provided for my child and our family

Lois Lewis, Family Member

Today, my 8 year old daughter had surgery. A very basic surgery, but a family first for us. It was scary for us even working in healthcare… with that said the team was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We were greeted by nurse Nikki in pre-op. She was kind and gentle with my princess. She got her some Tylenol to prepare her for the pain she may have after surgery, then the anesthesiologist came in. She explained to us what she would be doing. Told us about a helper she was going to have and made sure we had no questions. Dr. White came in and made sure my daughter knew what the procedure would be and explained what to expect. About 10 minutes before the scheduled time, Lizzy had a complete meltdown. She had been so brave. I explained to her that it’s okay to be scared. We called nurse Nikki in and she gave her some medicine to relax her. Carol Sue and an unknown nurse nurse came in individually and prayed with us. Which seemed to calm her nerves.

Dr. White came out and let us know what he did and how she was doing. The post-op took a bit longer then expected. I was started to get upset cause my princess was back there all alone and I didn’t know who was caring for her. We were then called back and greeted by nurse Andrea! I was so excited to know she had such a great nurse caring for her while I wasn’t able to be with her.

The final nurse took over and watched her for her last few sets of vitals and getting her in the car. All in all we had a GREAT experience with the surgical team today and I can’t thank you all enough for the fantastic care you provided for my child and our family.

#BronsonPositivity ♡

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