I can’t thank them enough for working with us

Dilara Atkins, Patient

Bronson was a huge part of my life, from finding out I was pregnant to giving birth to my first child, Max. The doctors and staff at Bronson OB/GYN – Portage were incredible, they answered all my questions at every appointment as well as countless phone calls throughout. With my first pregnancy as we neared the end, I thought I was going into “labor” a couple of times and every time I came in, I got the same supportive treatment and never felt insecure about my incorrect diagnosis.

Obviously, the biggest part of this journey was the day we had our bundle of joy! Unfortunately, for me, my labor wasn’t progressing as normal and I ended up having contractions for 2 days before things started taking action. Throughout my first night’s stay, the nurse in my room was amazing. She came in every 30 minutes or as we needed her and suggested several different techniques and ailments to ease my discomfort. I felt at ease and she gave a ton of information to my husband to ensure we were both well informed of what was going on. I didn’t feel pressured into making any rash decisions and felt like everyone was working with me to ensure myself and baby were safe. Of course, as soon as we broke my water, things escalated quickly and baby boy was ready to make his appearance. The nurse on duty for my care started helping with some test pushes to see if things were progressing and they were! The doctor came as soon as she could and 20 minutes later we had our Max in our arms. My delivery was incredibly smooth and Max and I were very healthy.

Giving birth is the most incredible thing I have ever done. Throughout my whole pregnancy, I was always scared of giving birth. Your adrenaline just kicks in and you forget any pain. I still can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve had Max – we’ll be back again to have our second in 3 months!

For Max’s appointments, we see Kristi Fifelski, PNP at Bronson Rambling Road Pediatrics Oshtemo and we love her! She is so kind and keeps us at ease when Max needs to get his shots. This facility has also been very patient with me and my phone calls. I hate to admit it but I was definitely that first-time mom that called for everything! I never got any attitude or questioning of my parenting skills – we were always calmed down and walked through symptoms as they made me realize most of the things were normal.

Honestly, Bronson is the trusted hospital by my family, friends and co-workers so it was a no-brainer for me to choose them as I knew a ton of moms who had them as their OB/GYN. 100% from the staff to the support we got throughout our stay, I can’t thank them enough for working with us. Especially when things got very hard and I needed to see a lactation consultant for extra coaching.

Every mom is unique and your story will be different from another mom. Don’t compare your journey to anybody else and enjoy it as much as you can. Also, do not feel stupid for asking questions – any questions! It’s completely normal and there are trained people that can help you before Dr. Google can.

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