I can’t express how wonderful the staff was

Samantha T, Patient

I’m 39. Growing up I was active in every sport and extra curricular activity I could find despite being diagnosed with severe endometriosis at age 12. I underwent countless surgeries, lost my right ovary at 16, had a full hysterectomy at 21 & was diagnosed with a severe case of SLE Lupus at 24. My gull bladder, spleen, large amounts of my intestines along with my entire pancreas was removed with an islet cell transplant to my liver was done at the Cleveland Clinic.

Two years later after numerous hernias, mesh was placed throughout my entire abdomen. I’m a type 1 diabetic now and the mesh has torn throughout my abdomen. I wanted to be treated closer to home. I was seen in the emergency department July 3rd and had an appointment today in Battle Creek. I can’t express how wonderful the staff was at getting me in so quickly. It feels amazing to know that I will receive wonderful treatment and not have to wait in pain with Lupus, other autoimmune diseases and missing organs. I highly recommend this office and look forward to writing about my experience with them. I’ve heard wonderful things about the doctors and the staff was so compassionate.