I can’t even begin to say enough positive things

Krystalle Devore, Patient

I just wanted to reach out to share what an amazing experience I had recently with the birth of my son, Gibson. This was my first birth at Bronson Methodist Hospital, and from the second I got into the triage of the labor and delivery unit, I felt so comfortable and taken care of. I want to specifically thank Nikki, RN that was with us during the delivery. You were so calming and encouraging. Of my three birthing experiences you were by far the best person to have in the room at that time. I appreciate all that you did for us while we were in your care.

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to the anesthesiologist, Dr. Atkinson, with this being my third delivery, and after having a terrible, terrible experience with my last epidural, I was so hesitant and scared to even have it done this time. I spent 9 months contemplating if it was even worth it. But I must say it was beyond worth it. He was so very comforting, explained everything step by step even down to what I would feel, he was quick and very patient and eased every ounce of discomfort I had for the remaining parts of delivery. I am so grateful for him.

Once my sweet boy had entered this world and we went to the mother baby unit and got our room. We were taken care of by the best group of nurses; Sari , Jeannie, and Melanie. You ladies are the best! You all had A LOT of babies and moms to take care of the nights we were there, and not once did we ever feel that. Despite being busy you were so kind, caring and took the best care of myself and my sweet boy. You all provided the best care ever. I can’t even begin to say enough positive things to you all to explain how greatly appreciated each one of you are. You all, every one of you, are prime examples of nurses. I appreciate every thing you ladies did for us and cant thank you enough!

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