I cannot thank Dr. Sloffer and his staff enough for the excellent care I was given before, during and after my spinal fusion surgery

Lynn Berkey, Patient

In March, 2020 my husband and I were enjoying our first “Snowbird” trip to Florida.  We were enjoying a great time with family and friends soaking up the sun.  We had planned on heading back home around April 10.

On Monday, March 29 I woke up and could not stand up straight.  The pain in my lower back was so intense. The following day my mobility was even less and the pain was excruciating.  On Wednesday I went to a clinic in the city where we were staying and they were able to give me something for the pain to make the three day drive home to Michigan easier.  At this point I couldn’t support my own weight when standing and couldn’t walk without the help of my husband.

The ride home was not an easy one.  Stopping to use the restroom was just about impossible and getting in and out of hotels, etc. was extremely difficult.  We arrived home on Monday, April 5.  By this time the pain was the worse I had ever experienced in my life.

I was scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Kilmer at Bronson Neuroscience Center on April 20.  She immediately referred me to Dr. Sloffer for the following day.

An MRI was done prior to my appointment with Dr. Slofffer and it confirmed that I was in bad shape.  Not only was I experiencing numbness and tingling in my legs but I was having numbness in my left foot and had lost most of my strength in that foot.  They said it was “dropped foot” and that I needed L2-L5 Spinal Fusion Surgery right away.  Surgery was scheduled for Monday, April 26.

When I woke up from surgery my pain was gone!!!!!  I’m still pain free.

I started Physical Therapy the beginning of July.  I am starting to be able to do the things I use to do before the surgery.   I’ve even traveled out to California to take care of my 3 year old granddaughter and was able to fly home by myself.

Before my surgery I was given a booklet on Bronson’s Spine Camp and watched the video that was also available.   It explained what to expect before and after surgery.  The narrator, Nurse Navigator Masako Winchester, explained things in a clear and easily understood manner.  I found Spine Camp to be extremely helpful in understanding my surgery and recovery.  Thank You !!!

I cannot thank Dr. Sloffer and his staff enough for the excellent care I was given.  Dr. Sloffer’s  compassion not only to me but also to my husband was much appreciated.

Thank you Dr. Sloffer for giving me my life back!!!!

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