I cannot say enough about the phenomenal care we received at Bronson

Jen, Family Member

Thank you. I cannot say enough about the phenomenal care we received at Bronson. My daughter was brought into the ER having seizures after an intentional overdose. I have been overwhelmed by the care and support from the first call. I wish I wrote down all the names but I think Jessica called from the ER. She was gentle and honest, wanting to assess the safety and support for Rachel from her family. And care for our safety traveling 3 hours from Illinois. When we arrived at 1 AM, we were kindly, gently met and helped to the Neurological CCU. Her nurse was Tyler yet there were so many literary hands-on heroes helping keep her safe and protect her body. Those first 18 hours, we watched your staff care for, love, protect and save Rachel. It was truly like watching a miracle unfold. Everyone also took time to help her dad and me, giving us space to grieve and letting us be right there with her. Again, I wish I knew all the names! I do remember Kollin, Sarah, Jennifer and a PA? Some were “sitters” who were not sitting but holding her as she moved in response to the hallucinations. Others were nurses, social workers, PAs and doctors. Thank you to each of you for the role you played in saving her life. The social workers were amazing at helping us to understand and help guide the next steps, addressing her mental health. Our final social worker, Will, helped secure a bed at Pine Rest, literary the “best in the state” and in a flash, he had a transport ready to move her to the next step. That day (Wednesday the 13th) we had the most amazing Sitter, Kay. She encouraged Rachel at every opportunity telling her how smart, amazing beautiful she is and so many times saying what amazing things she will do with her life. She gave Rachel a glimpse of hope and the same for me. So, thank you to the Bronson team, not only for saving my daughter’s life but for helping us at every turn to walk with her through this terrifying week. We are forever grateful.

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