I cannot put into words how wonderful this doctor is

Casey Crooks, Patient

I want to recognize Dr. Packard with Bronson Maternal-Fetal Medicine. I cannot put into words how wonderful this doctor is.  Bronson is truly lucky to have this man in their practice.

As you can imagine nobody wants to be sent to the high risk fetal doctor. I had my 20 week ultrasound at my OBGYN.  The day I went in there was supposed to be a very happy day. At first it was, the ultrasound tech told us we were having a little boy which is what we wanted! We were ecstatic. She then asked us if we did genetic testing. We told her no and asked why and she responded with “no reason”.  As you guessed it our hearts sank and we both knew something had to seem off. You don’t ask that question for no reason. We were then told something was wrong with his legs and and feet… in those exact words.

As I was crying the ultrasound tech asked me to go sit in the waiting room. Yes, waiting room. We were able to get a room where we waited for the doctor. He came in and introduced himself as he leaned against the counter. He threw out the words: We’re pretty sure your son has club feet but we’re going to send you the high risk doctor to confirm. You should also do genetic testing because your risks have raised. That was basically it. No handouts on clubfoot, no details other than we were told it could be cured. I then spent the next two weeks anxiously awaiting to meet this Dr. Packard to see if he was going to ease my mind or make matters worse.

From the moment he walked into the room I felt relieved. He greeted us with compassion and a smile. I could tell from the moment he walked in he cared about how he interacted with us. He sat down next to me and plopped his feet up and asked I knew which one of his feet were club foot. I said no. He said which one of his was and that his point was our son was going to be just fine.

I instantly started crying tears of joy and this doctor wiped away my tears. Have you ever met a doctor who did that? I haven’t and I was blown away. He went through what we could expect for treatment, gave us examples of athletes who had club foot, and took the time to answer my many questions.

He reassured us that we were not the cause of this defect and that in fact it was quite common. He went over our ultrasound and explained the risk of genetic defect. He explained the risk is very low for other issues to accompany club foot.

He made me feel like this issue wasn’t a very big deal, which was quite the opposite of what my OBGYN doctor did. I have since then left that practice. Dr. Packard reversed all the fear and worry my OBGYN instilled in both my husband and I. He told me that he was going to cancel my genetic testing counseling session and that it wasn’t needed.

Since then I met with a club foot specialist who absolutely validated everything Dr. Packard told me. I did ask Dr. Packard if he would please keep me as his patient even tough I am not high risk. He couldn’t do that…. 🙂 I still have yet to find another doctor like him. I hope to have a good experience with the midwives at Bronson Women’s Service going forward.

Please try to share this story with Dr. Packard. There really aren’t many like him. Again, Bronson is lucky to have him in their practice.

Thank you!!!

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