I can walk w/o pain

Crista Simmons, Patient

I am a 62 y.o. female who just had a lumbar fusion and degenerative disc surgery in Feb.

First of all, I thank Dr. Fabi for altering his schedule to accommodate the surgery date selected by my insurance company. This was not his normal surgery day and my lumbar fusion lasted longer than expected; so I did not see him post-op my day of surgery. He stopped by on my first day post-op. I happened to be sleeping, so he softly woke me up, told me that everything went well, then gently patted my arm and almost whispered, “Now you go back to sleep.” (Which I did!) Everyone from pre-admission to discharge was just super!

Since I had no one to help me at home, thanks to my occupational therapist, I was approved by my insurance company to spend my recuperation at Bronson Commons. I can’t say enough about your staff. It was a team effort to get me “up and running” again. My special thanks to PT staff, Jessie and Sandra, and R.N. Bree, CNA’s, Lyndsey and Lesley. You are all so great! And now I KNOW that when you say we’re doing great, you really mean it. You are a cheering section! When I put on my light, there was no voice which came on to ask if I needed help, but instead within a minute someone popped into my room to see what I needed. And they were Johnny on the spot w/ my pain meds. One evening in particular, I was in so much pain from the accompanying muscles spasms I could barely talk. I don’t know who was my R.N. on night shift, but she was an angel to me. She genuinely asked if she could anything more for me. I wanted to ask her to pray for me, but knew I’d just burst into tears. She was my angel that awful night.

I think you really need to get the word out re: Bronson Commons first to all the surgeon’s office staff who help w/ surgery/recovery planning and then to the community at large. You are too much of a well kept secret. I am so thankful for how the Lord led me to the Bronson Commons site, or I would have never known.
I toot Bronson Commons’ staff whenever I get the chance. Hand out a Bronson Commons pamphlet to every PT/OT pre-admission class. And then, put it in their hands post-surgery. Also, inform people of your home health program. We need YOUR assistance to help us navigate through the post-op portion of our care. Most of us are like a deer in headlights before surgery. My only complaint is that the Parchment Pharmacy which services Bronson Commons tried to stiff me for an $18 bottle of generic MiraLax. They did come down on their $ when I called to complain. She didn’t even blink an eye…didn’t ask for her supervisor’s approval or nothing. I just flat out told her I was NOT going to pay 3X the amt. I could buy it for at Meijer. My thanks to Laura at The Commons for listening to my shell-shocked experience! She was very gracious and I usually don’t get angry like that. Just think of all the people Parchment Pharmacy stiffed and they didn’t say anything. To me, they are exploiting your customers for their own pocketbook!

After surgery, I truly feel like a new woman!!! I can walk w/o pain, since I can’t remember when! Thank you so much to all!
God bless you