I can walk again and do things I could not for so many years

Joyce Campbell, Patient

Joyce Campbell was having trouble getting around with pain in both knees. As time went on and walking became more difficult, she knew she needed to seek some help.

Previously, Joyce had been seen by a healthcare provider out of state, but was disappointed by the experience.  She now lives in Indiana and came to Kalamazoo to visit her family for the summer. During the visit, as she and her family discussed what could be done to help relieve her knee pain, Joyce’s niece, who works at Bronson, suggested meeting with Dr. Joseph Burkhardt at Bronson Orthopedic Specialists – Heritage Oak Lane.

Joyce scheduled a consultation and was pleased with the experience. “I just felt very comfortable with Dr. Burkhardt,” says Joyce. “He was very personable and the whole experience was very comforting.” Dr. Burkhardt looked at her knees and felt like she would be a good candidate for a joint replacement in both her knees. “He said my knees were in bad shape and he wondered how I was able to walk.”

“One of the things I liked most about the appointment was that there was no pressure about anything and that was very nice,” she adds. “I didn’t feel pressured into having to have surgery, but Dr. Burkhardt explained my options and surgery was my best choice.”

Joyce’s knee replacement procedures were scheduled six weeks apart to give time, in between, for her first new knee to strengthen and heal.

“The day of my surgery I felt at ease,” says Joyce. “I knew what to expect and everything ran very smoothly. The nurses and other staff were wonderful. Everything was clean and orderly and someone was always checking in on me. After surgery in the morning, they had me up and moving around by that same afternoon,”

For each procedure, Joyce spent only two nights at Bronson Battle Creek where she received inpatient therapy each day. Upon leaving the hospital, she went to outpatient therapy three times after the first knee replacement and twice after the second surgery. “After a week and only a few physical therapy sessions, I wasn’t even using a walker or cane.”

According to Joyce, “My advice would be to get it done as soon as possible and, of course, go to Bronson.” Today, every step she takes is a comfortable one and she is thankful she went to Dr. Burkhardt. “I used to be in a lot of pain trying to step over the bathtub,” she says. “I can walk right again and do things I could not do for so many years.”

“It was absolutely worth it to travel from Indiana to have my surgery at Bronson. I recommend Bronson to my friends in Kalamazoo and Indiana.”

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