I can not say enough about our experience

Mary Grimes Szymczak, Family Member

We unfortunately had to visit the ER while on vacation in Michigan.  My 7 year old, Oscar, had been dealing with a viral infection for 7 days.  High temps, lack of energy, rash and general yuckiness.  Our home town doctor suggested we go to the ER for testing.  We were met by Robin.  Warm and welcoming.  A wonderful first encounter.  There after, it was the same with every staff member who cared for my little guy.  Weston was over the moon cool to Oscar.  He really made him feel comfortable and not afraid.  I can not say enough about our experience.  In addition, it was still just a virus and nothing worse.  Thank goodness!  Kudos to Bronson Hospital!  Thank you to the following:

Dr. Culley

Deborah Breen, PA-C

Donna, RN

Tameika, RN

Jen, RN

Weston, PCA

Shelby, PCA

Robin, Registration

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