I can do almost anything now!

Richard, Patient

For the past two years, my left hip was really hurting. I could tell when I mowed the lawn that I would drag my left leg. Finally, I gave in. Dr. Daniel Garcia, with Bronson Orthopedic Specialists, had performed hip resurfacing on my right hip back in 2010. It was such a good experience that it was just natural to go back to Dr. Garcia to get my left hip checked out. Dr. Garcia recommended hip replacement and I agreed to the surgery. A few things that were different with my hip replacement surgery compared to my hip resurfacing was the joint replacement class that I, along with my two coaches (wife and daughter) attended prior to the surgery. This class was so helpful that it taught us what to expect before and after surgery, and how to better prepare for going home and my recovery. The other change was the amount of time in the hospital. For my hip replacement, I went in on a Monday and was out on Tuesday!

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Garcia and the team at Bronson Battle Creek. They provided me with really good care. It was a great experience.

At the time of this story, I just returned from PT and feeling really good. I can now walk without pain. I can sit in a chair without severe pain. Sitting down and getting up is not so painful. I can go up and down steps without any problems. At only two months after surgery, it’s nice not to have sharp pain!

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