I appreciate you keeping me Alive and giving me a shot at life

Kristina, Patient

When I was born well actually before I was born on July 9,1990 my mother’s obgyn noticed a heart murmur and wholes in my heart he tried to fight saying I was ready to be born but the state pushed back! That day I was sent to Bronson hospital so they could diagnose my heart issues and tell my parents how serious it was they heard the words life or death but the cardiologist I was seeing was hopeful and took amazing care of me till I was 15 years old with out having to do open heart surgery on me!! To this day my heart has gotten worse but thanks them I don’t have to worry about some horrible scar or anything or being dead because this hospital did an amazing job of keeping me alive for 15 years so to all cardiologist there thank you for always being there if my mom needed answers or if I needed and now at 24 I am having my 3 child and her heart is fine thanks to your amazing work with me I make sure they check my kids heart every 2 to 6 months for my heart problem your amazing doctors and I appreciate you keeping me Alive and giving me a shot at life when another hospital said there was no hope for a baby with wholes in her heart that she would just die before her 5th birthday!!!! I am live to see my girls grow up!!!