I appreciate the great team he has had all along the way

Gwendolynne Wilburn, Family Member

Very recently I was in Bronson Emergency Department (ED) after my son had been brought in via ambulance and diagnoses with COVID pneumonia. He was in very bad shape and was intubated in the ED and taken to the COVID ICU unit. Although my son is an adult, this is the scariest time I have ever been in as a parent. The doctor told me if my son had not come in that night he would NOT have made it. He spent 6 days on the ventilator, his numbers had improved enough that he could be switched to a Bipap machine. He is still in the hospital, but he was moved from ICU to a regular COVID unit. He does have a long road ahead of him, but he is ALIVE to fight it. My son is a miracle!  I appreciate the great team he has had all along the way, all the physicians, respiratory care team, nurses, EMT, OT, PT and Speech therapists, and anyone and everyone that has been on his team and fighting with him to get better. He is still a patient but just wants everyone to know I really appreciate them and me being an employee here at Bronson makes everything even more Special to ME.

Please keep up the AWESOME WORK!

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