I applaud the entire nursing staff

Margaret McDonald, Patient

I recently gave birth to my first child at Bronson Battle Creek and I am over the moon with not only the care I received, but the care given to my pre-mature daughter. I have really bad hospital anxiety, and during my entire stay I was well informed by nurses, doctors, midwives, students and consultants of my options. Before anything was done with me or my baby, I was given explanations that made sense to me instead of just medical jargon and was constantly put at ease during a very important moment of my life. Some of the nurses that cared for us during our stay left such a positive impact on me and gave me the confidence I needed and the knowledge I needed to care for my new baby. I applaud the entire nursing staff for never making me feel like it was a dumb question or guilty for not knowing something prior. I also loved how many medical students were shadowing the RNs and eager to learn and doing a great job. Thank you Bronson ❤️

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