I applaud each and every one of you for what you do day in and day out

Georgina Smith, Bronson Employee

I just wanted to share something that I shared with my department… I love sharing positiveness that comes from our company… We may not always “see” the appreciation in our line of work but it most certainly is there… It’s there when we least expect it… It’s so wonderful to see in my own newsfeed people that I know saying such wonderful things about a company that i work for… It’s just proof that we all are here for one reason  and one reason only… To help those in need. To be there for our community when they need it the most…?

“I just wanted to share this with everyone. It’s so great to see how we affect those around us… Day in and day out… Regardless if we feel overworked, burnt out, tired, cranky or any other negative feeling this is proof that our community needs us. Our community depends on us to be strong, educated, caring and to be there to lift them up in their time of need. So many people depend on us to help them through some of the darkest most scary times during their life… It doesn’t matter if they come see us because they stubbed their toe or if they have a family member who is coding… Everyone’s situation matters and I am so proud of all of those that make up our department… Keep up the strong work… We may not always see the appreciation but it is most definitely there… ❤️

This is a post that popped up in my newsfeed. It came from a former classmate of mine. Bronson was there every step of the way with this individuals family when their mother was diagnosed with cancer. Bronson helped this family during their darkest days… And now a few years later the staff at Bronson is there to help this family again… They came back to us because even during the worst time in their lives they still felt a sense of security. They felt how much true genuine care goes into each and every patient. They trust us. They trust that we will do everything in our hands to take care of the people who mean most to them… I applaud each and every one of you for what you do day in and day out… Keep up the great work! ?

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