I am thankful to coordinate a program that brings happiness to everyone

Randall Leneau, Service Director, Employee

Two Nutrition Educators and a Service Director

As the service director for the City View Senior Apartments in Kalamazoo, I helped coordinate a four-week nutrition program for residents. In the classes, they learned easy and manageable ways to be active and eat healthy while sticking to a budget. Chris and Isabel, the nutrition educators, were awesome. They were always accommodating if someone had to come late or leave early for an appointment. Each class, the pair provided different activities that kept the residents engaged. My favorite part was seeing how happy the classes made everyone. The residents were always smiling, socializing and learning together. Each week, they were excited for the next class. I think it’s important for Bronson to get involved in the community with programs such as this. It helps people know that Bronson is more than just a hospital and is here to spread Positivity to the entire community.