I am thankful for everyone who was a part of my labor and delivery

Anjelica Sadler, Patient

I am thankful for everyone who was a part of my labor and delivery. Ruth was wonderful very gentle and straight to the point she has a beautiful spirit. Tracy on labor and delivery was wonderful and she was the best part of our stay. She was so encouraging during my labor and attentive, she made sure baby and I and my husband were fine every step of the way. Lori K (midwife) was excellent she was calm but aware of every need of me and baby. She was very concerned about our health, included me inevery decision. I can’t forget Madison on labor and delivery who held my hand and calmed me down every step of the way she was on top of everything. Each one of these ladies were professional, clean and attentive. Last but not least Heidi, she was fantastic and she made me feel comfortable about my babies sugar levels, swaddling and feeding times she was so loving and caring to us. I am so thankful for these ladies, I’m emotional even writing this. Thank you, Bronson, for your outstanding service. Me being a black woman, I really appreciate the kindness and support of each one of these ladies. They never made me feel uncomfortable or out of the loop on anything that was said or done. I was included and felt important. I knew with no doubt in my mind I was in good hands.

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