I am so grateful to be a Bronson employee!

Angela Bentley, Employee

I just wanted to share what a great team we have here at Bronson at Home, I really mean a great team; we all work great together and we all help each other out in other areas as needed! When we have someone off work and out, we all pitch in to help wherever we can. Every morning we have huddle and we all try to let each other know how much we appreciate each other, including all the managers and the field staff, quality and tele-health, IV infusion, Pem and Sarah B. & Hilary too! I just love our team! I try to keep the Bronson positivity going every morning to start our day out right by opening up the doors and telling everyone it is huddle time…let’s go! I am the cheerleader of the bunch..ra..ra..ra! Last week I had everyone at huddle and ask them to say one thing that they are grateful for and everyone had positive words to say, I think this is just a great way to build great relationships with our team! I am so grateful to be a Bronson employee!