By giving blood I know that I’m making a difference for many people.

Julie Vandernoot, Employee

When I was in college my best friend started giving blood in honor of her father who was having surgery. I went with her for support, and instead of just waiting in the room I decided I would donate blood with her and we could sit together. The staff were extremely supportive and impressed upon us how much blood was needed and why. To this day, my best friend and I both continue to donate regularly. She lives in Oregon and it is something that keeps us connected.

On a personal level, I learned that when my mom was pregnant, we were affected by RH factor – this is a protein in the blood cells that can cause complications during pregnancy for the mother and the baby. My mom needed to have blood available while delivering me. I am not a clinician so I am not impacting patient’s lives directly, but by giving blood I know that I’m making a difference for many people. Maybe even for moms like when my mom was in need.

I hope that I can inspire others to donate. We are wonderfully made so our bodies replenish the blood quickly, and at the same time we are saving the lives of others. Especially as a Bronson employee, Michigan Blood and Bronson make it convenient by having on-site donations and comfortable chairs.