I am honored to walk alongside and support our patients through a very difficult journey

Jennifer Schepel

As a Breast Health Nurse Navigator, I am honored to walk alongside and support our patients through a very difficult journey. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is life altering. I want these individuals to know that they are not alone, as they attempt to discover how to cope with so many uncertainties.

My journey with Bronson began 10 years ago. I was initially hired as a barista in the Garden Bistro, prior to beginning the nursing program at KVCC. As I progressed through the nursing program, I was offered a position as a nurse extern on OSU. This opportunity allowed me to gain valuable bedside nursing experience, while working alongside a nurse preceptor. As I neared the end of the nursing program, I began my search for an RN position. I was honored to accept a position on GSU and began my growth as a new nurse. This is where I realized my desire to work as a Nurse Navigator. I loved the care this role provided to patients. With this goal in mind, I was very purposeful about the next steps in my career. Eventually, I transitioned back to OSU and continued towards my goal of working as a Nurse Navigator.

I worked closely with leadership in each role I held, sharing with them my goals and seeking their guidance. I became involved in a variety of committees and activities within Bronson and went back to school to obtain my BSN. During this time, I was awarded a Bronson Nursing Scholarship. That was such an honor for me, as it is a very competitive and selective process! Additionally, as a benefit of working as an employee, Bronson’s tuition reimbursement program offset some of the cost of returning to school.

Immediately after obtaining my BSN, my goal of working as a Nurse Navigator became a reality and I have since obtained my certification as a Certified Nurse Breast Navigator (CN-BN). I now have the privilege of working in a role that best utilizes my talents. But most importantly, on a daily basis, I am given the opportunity to support many individuals that do not know where to turn after receiving a cancer diagnosis and simply need some guidance and understanding.

Thank you, Bronson, for the many leaders, programs, and opportunities that have aided me in growing personally and professionally. It is because of these that I have recognized many successes. I count it a privilege to be employed by an organization that not only seeks to provide excellent patient and family-centered care, but also recognizes the value of their employees.