I am honored to know that I am part of the same team as those who give so much of themselves for those entrusted to their care

Brandon Buxton, Employee

For the past two years, I have been privileged to work with Bronson Pediatric Hematology & Oncology in supporting their use of the medical record and helping to ensure they have the tools available to do what they do best – save and improve the lives of children with cancer in our community.

When I started in my role as an IT Analyst, I didn’t know anything about oncology, and I was nervous with the thought of everything there was to learn. I would be responsible for creating the complex sets of orders used to administer chemotherapy and other serious medications. What if I made a mistake? When working with vulnerable patients, the reliability and safety of the tools used to treat them truly matters.

Once I began working with the practice, I knew there was nothing to fear. All of the providers, but especially Dr. Elliott, were eager to teach me everything they knew so that I could understand the treatment process and best be able to do my job. I was soon no longer terrified of making a mistake, because I know each and every staff member  is watching out for their patients and ensuring that they receive the best care possible.

Over the past few months, there have been multiple challenges for the team, including caring for very sick patients with incredible challenges to overcome. It was clear to me that everybody has been stressed out, not just from work, but with the problems faced by our community and in throughout the nation and world. Yet in the midst of this I have felt included as a part of the “Peds Heme Onc” team more than ever, and have been humbled by how accepting the team is of “an outsider from IT”.

As I walked out of the hospital on a grey winter’s evening, I gazed at the new Bronson Children’s Hospital statue, struck by a stunning beam of light from the setting sun. Despite a depressing day in the office and seemingly insurmountable challenges in the world, in that moment I saw the same hope and positivity that this office, and the Bronson Children’s Hospital overall, gives to so many patients and families.

Whether it’s celebrating the last day of chemo, discussing how a mistake can be avoided in the future, or connecting with staff after the loss of a patient, I am honored to know that I am part of the same team as those who give so much of themselves for those entrusted to their care. I hope that I will continue to have this opportunity in the years to come, and will always be honored by the place I’ve had in helping hope shine on some of life’s darkest days.