I am happy we have nurses like her to represent Bronson

Alicia Crumell, Employee

I am writing this on behalf of my best friend Ebony C. Dixon:

My best friend Ebony has been in the Antepartum unit for a few weeks now as she is on bed rest. Her water broke at 27 weeks and she is just over 31 weeks now. She has become very restless, uncomfortable, bored, and little stressed. She often talks about how great Sheryl, RN is to her. During my visits with Ebony, Sheryl is always compassionate, empathetic, but honest. Ebony had concerns about how long her baby would be in NICU and Sheryl educated her on what she has experienced as a nurse. While she was honest about her experience, she was not brutal which also gave Ebony hope that her baby would not be in NICU too long. Sheryl is very attentive and is great at her job. Ebony appreciates her so much and talks about her often. As a loved one, I appreciate the care Sheryl is giving. As an employee of Bronson, I am happy we have nurses like her to represent Bronson.

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