I am glad I worked at Bronson with people like you

Monica Sciuca, Patient

I am a retired physician and I was recently in need of acute medical care.
I called Dr. Hanzaker’s office, my PCP. His medical assistant, Katie, called me right back, asked me about my symptoms, put me at ease and gave me an urgent appointment the same day.
The office looked busy but everybody appeared unrushed, smiling and professional.

Dr. Hanzaker saw me around noon and I’m sure he missed his lunch break. He was thorough, professional and kind. After the visit, he made time to google the map of Romania, where I’m from and look up how close to the Ukraine border my family in Romania lives.
Then I had to do some tests.

At Woodbridge facility I shared with the receptionist memories of NYC, where it tuned out we both had lived. The radiology technician made sure I’m not cold and offered me a glass of water from the break room.

I then went to Bronson Lakeview hospital in the evening for an emergent CT. The radiology staff was approaching the end of their shift after a long day at work, and they were courteous and considerate. My study was completed before the time it had been scheduled to begin.

I thank you all. I know you saw me as more than a patient, as a human being.
I saw your humanity too. I also know the amount of work behind your professionalism and kindness, especially after doing your jobs under extraordinary circumstances for the past two years during the pandemic.

I am glad I worked at Bronson with people like you.