I am glad AJ is an instructor for the BAC

Deb Laughlin, Bronson Athletic Club Member

I wanted to share a story with you and commend one of your  instructors – AJ.

There is a young man with Down’s syndrome who attends AJ’s Zumba class.  AJ is very kind and respectful with the young man.  AJ gives him high 5’s as we move forward during a routine, he lets him stand in the front of class with him, honors his song requests (which is fine with the group and when it is not he  carefully negotiates an acceptable alternative) and is very encouraging.

Recently, the young man wanted to celebrate AJ’s son’s high school graduation.  He planned the event with AJ.  AJ’s son and wife came and AJ  brought cupcakes as well. AJs son was very gracious and the young man was thrilled. I could only stay for a few short moments, but when I left the group was raising their water bottles and eating cupcakes in honor of the graduate.

I am glad AJ is an instructor for the BAC!