I am eternally grateful

Jeanetta Fitzgerald, Patient

On October 25, 2013 My family welcomed our new addition Bailey Rae!!! After experiencing a high risk pregnancy and being under Doctor’s care for my entire 37 weeks of pregnancy which involved weekly maternal fetal testing and Prenatal visits even being hospitalized for weeks to make sure Bailey didn’t come too soon, the unexpected occurred. I had reached a safe gestational age for my baby to be born with minimum to no NICU stay and my uterus ruptured. This was totally unexpected…..I had monthly ultrasounds and everything appeared fine.

I appeared at Bronson Battle Creek emergency with abdominal pain. Not labor, but an intense burning sensation and tender to touch in the lower right side. Not taking any chances my doctor, Dr. Siddiqui, began to order tests and try to find out the cause of what was going on. After looking at an Ultrasound that didn’t right off determine uterine rupture, he phoned a specialist at another Bronson Health facility to confirm and validate his concerns and the reason he wanted to move forward with an emergency C Section. Immediately I feared the worst. Being from the East side of the State I had no support system. No friends or family. I was extremely scared. My husband is a railroad conductor and was in Chicago at the time they made the decision to move forward. The staff was so comforting and patient with me as I nearly had a melt down. Everyone was professional, yet personable and I was reassured by a nurse that she would not leave my side!

baileyraeOnce my Doctor delivered my daughter and repaired the rupture site, I still needed blood transfusions for I had lost a significant amount of blood. I don’t know what I would have done if my Doctor would have not LISTENED TO ME when I said something’s not right! The care I received was above par, and this situation could have went very bad very fast. I am eternally grateful. Also I would like to say housekeeping and dietary were exceptional!!!!

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