I am confident that my patients receive fantastic care with her

Anonymous, Employee

Hilary Powell from Bronson Methodist Hospital always goes above and beyond the call of duty, like the day when a patient toilet spontaneously “exploded” sending water spraying everywhere! The room was starting to flood and Hilary buckled down and headed into the spray with her scissors and knife to turn off the water. She came out cheerful and triumphant, but drenched!

Hilary is appreciated by staff and patients, alike, for her kind and compassionate care. She often anticipates needs ahead of time and can be overheard taking the time to talk to and explain to patients about their care, pulling up a chair to comfort them when they are struggling to understand or when they are having a hard time communicating. Hilary is a pleasure to work with. When I’m with her I am confident that my patients receive fantastic care.


Hilary Powell is a PCA on the Extended Medical Care Unit (EMCU) at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is the recipient of the 2021 Sunshine Award, which is given each year to team members who help our clinical staff provide exceptional care for patients and families.