I am blessed to be a part of Bronson and to have leaders who want to see me grow

Detrick Edwards, Employee

Before coming to Bronson, I was working at a factory through a temp agency. After a year of layoffs, not finding another job and not having benefits such as health insurance, I knew I needed a change. I began working at Walgreens for stability, but I wasn’t happy. My cousin had been working for Bronson and let me know of a job opening in the Distribution Center. This was just the beginning of my 18-year long career at Bronson.

I always had the mindset to advance and, thankfully, I have been blessed with leaders at Bronson who gave me a shot along the way. In each role, I made the best of where I was, learned as much as I could, and utilized the avenues provided to work my way up. Throughout my career, I have worked in distribution, as a unit clerk, patient registration and then IT desk-side. My experience in each position led me to my next opportunity.

Currently, I’m a Resource Specialist in the Meetings and Events Resources department. While working in IT desk-side, my now coworker, John, reached out to me directly and said, “I’ve worked with you before and you’ve always been so friendly, quick and efficient. I think you would be perfect for this position.” It was a tough decision to leave IT, but I felt like this was the best opportunity for me, so I accepted. I’m so glad I did it!

As a Resource Specialist, I manage meeting and event spaces across the Bronson system, work closely with leadership during virtual meetings as technical support, and assist departments who are looking to repurpose spaces and convert them into meeting areas. Our team is also a vital part of working alongside our AV vendor in designing and determining what is needed for new meeting spaces – including the new lab and the recently completed Bronson Cancer Care Center in Kalamazoo. It’s amazing to be a part of something from the blueprint phase to construction and finally see the finished product complete.
I’m a people person and I love meeting and helping people. Throughout my time at Bronson, I think all my roles have shared that common theme – allowing me to meet different groups of people, be a part of projects and go to locations that I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.

I am in such a positive space in my current role. I have a great team and a manager who motivates me each day. All my coworkers are down-to-earth and friendly. My manager will stick up for me when needed and support me in achieving goals that I didn’t even know I had. At one point, my manager and director came to me and said that they thought I would be perfect for the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team. Just having people who are thinking of you and your character or what would be best for you is special. Those types of people act like a coach – they see something greater in you than you see in yourself and push you toward that.

There is so much support at work within our team, from employees in other departments and in our personal lives as well. I’m an elder at my church and when I was ordained, my manager and a few of my coworkers came to my ceremony. Employees have also shared their thanks and gratitude through emails for helping them. The support all around is a great feeling.

After joining Bronson, I’ve realized just how big our reach is within our community. I would tell anyone who is looking to become a part of Team Bronson to do it. Apply. Bronson has a great culture, a positive environment and amazing leaders. I am blessed to be a part of Bronson and to have leaders who want to see me grow. Sometimes, even if that means leaving a department for another, or providing growth opportunities and resources for further education or certification. It’s such a privilege to be at a place where management isn’t selfless. It’s not about the department, it’s about each individual employee.

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