I absolutely encourage Bronson employees to join the Bus2 Work program

John Higgins, Employee

I’ve been using Metro Transit for years. It is important to me because it is my main form of transportation. I can get to anywhere I want around town, it is easy access from my house and work, and it is a green activity. I always try to do what I can for the environment.

Bronson’s Bus2Work program is great because I ride free – which is nice because it saves me $60 a month, plus it is convenient and saves me time since I don’t have to go buy a new pass every month.

I would absolutely encourage employees to join the Bus2Work program. It is an opportunity for people that live in town to get around without having to find a parking space or have to drive. And the bus service has expanded its hours of operation, so now you can use it when you’re working just about any shift or any time of the day. You meet all kinds of people on the bus, and it can be an chance to have a positive impact on people.