How Bronson Children’s helped our family in a desperate time of need

Jessica Gonzales, Family Member

Our son Luke was born April 13th of 2014. Shortly after birth he began having choking episodes that we were told were fairly normal and to keep him elevated and on his side while sleeping. We did this for a while but noticed that Luke would gag and choke throughout the day for no apparent reason. We saw several doctors who would help us here and there but were also seemingly baffled by his condition. They gave us reflux medicine which made the condition worse and we stopped it almost immediately. After 3 months of appointments with doctors, keeping Luke upright at all times including diaper changing, him sleeping on our actual bodies to clear his airway when he would choke in his sleep, and clearing his airway 10-15 times a day during an episode, we were admitted to Bronson to find out what was really going on with him. The nurses were so welcoming and compassionate! Each doctor we met cared that we were scared and just wanted answers and for our baby to be healed! They gathered together and laid Luke on his back and he began having a choking episode within 30 seconds as we had mentioned to the docs would happen all day every day. They made a plan for Luke’s care and he had a life saving surgery two days later! We didn’t realize our son could’ve choked to death but knew something definitely wasn’t right. We are so grateful to the doctors, nurses and especially his incredible surgeon Dr. Downing for their expertise in their field and also that they cared for us and helped our baby! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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