Hope knew she had to step in and help

Bronson Staff

Hope Glover-Langston photo Hope Glover-Langston holding her Bronson Spirit of Positivity award.

Lending a hand when a hand is needed is a true example of positivity. On Monday, March 22, Hope Glover-Langston was awarded the Bronson Spirit of Positivity award for just such an act.

Hope, a clinical practice coordinator at Bronson Urology Specialists in Battle Creek, was leaving work late one evening when she noticed a man in the parking lot who was fumbling with his keys and seemed unable to unlock his car.

Hope approached the car and asked the man if he needed help. He replied that he couldn’t find the key to his car. Noting that there were only four keys on the keychain, she identified the appropriate one and helped him get into his car. However, nagging doubts about the situation made her linger. Hope watched as the man began drawing circles with his keys, unable to locate the ignition. The man was not suffering from acute distress, but obviously, something wasn’t right.

For his own safety, Hope decided to ask the man for his keys, so that he wouldn’t be able to drive off. She then asked if he could call someone. He couldn’t remember how to unlock his phone, but was able to provide her with his name. Hope asked another colleague, who was leaving the office, to stay with the man while she went into the office to pull up his information. She called his wife, explained the situation and confirmed that she was on her way.

The man became upset with the prospect that his wife was coming to get him and requested his keys back. He was anxious to leave. Hope assured him that she was just holding on to them while they waited for his wife and that she just wanted him to be safe. “I just kept talking to him and assuring him that everything was going to be OK,” Hope explained. When the man’s wife arrived, Hope encouraged the woman to have her husband examined and stayed until the two departed.

The next day, a triage nurse at the practice let her know that the wife had called the practice and asked them to “thank the young lady who helped my husband and called to alert me of the situation.” The wife explained that her husband, who is a diabetic, had a hypoglycemic episode that disoriented him and caused his confusion.

Hope was relieved to hear that the health episode had been resolved and he was safe.

While presenting the award to Hope, Bronson President and CEO Bill Manns stated, “Thank you for doing the right thing. Not only did you potentially save this man’s life, but possibly the lives of others.” The executive team joined in via Zoom to give Hope a big round of applause.

“It was just me and him at that point. I knew I couldn’t leave him there to fend for himself,” Hope shared. “We’re all taught to protect and care for children. We need to make sure we’re paying attention to our elders, too.” Hope encourages others to always be aware, step in, and help when someone is in need.

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