His compassion and prayer gave me hope and optimism

David DeJong, Family Member

I know this happened 5 years ago – My wife (Hope) was rushed to the hospital due to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest late in the evening on 02/14/2015. When I arrived at the hospital (in the ER), a male nurse with a ichthys (“Jesus Fish”) tattoo on his hand took me back to a private room. He gave me an update and took a moment to pray with me and for my wife. My wife survived, which is rare for SCA’s. His compassion and prayer gave me hope and optimism. If he is still employed at Bronson, please tell him thank you. I have been on a spiritual journey and I look back to that night as a very important night. And as nurses work to treat people during this pandemic, he may need a positive reminder/outcome of the impact he has on his patients and their family.