Highly recommend this hospital for the very good care

Thomas Allen, Patient

I came into the ED this just a few days ago, with severe abdominal pain and nausea. In the Ed, i was given very good care by Gary, Jen, Dr Goldberg and Katie. I was sent to CT, and Amy quickly did my CT, and was very good to me. I was then sent to 5th floor, where I spent part of the night to early morning, and got very good care by Terry, and Olivia and a nice gentleman nurse, that took excellent care of me, but I didnt remember his name, as I was drugged pretty good at the time. I then went to Surgery taken by Rick, who did a great job, and Season checked me in, and got me prepped. Dr Lins, Dr Bartholemew and Pam got me ready to go to surgery to have my appendix removed, and they also fixed an umbilical hernia while in there. I was then taken to recovery, where Cheri did a fantastic job prior to sending me home. The whole visit went very good, and everyone did the best job they could do to make my visit, a very good one, under the circumstances. I would highly recommend this hospital for the very good care that I got. I am also a bronson employee. I was very pleased with my treatment from start to finish.

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