Highest praise for the ED staff at Bronson!

Jan Silk, Family Member

Highest praise for the ED staff at Bronson! We were visiting from Florida with friends in Kazoo when my husband started having chest pain, couldn’t breath, and radiating pain in his neck and arm. Our friend rushed us to Bronson ED. From the minute we walked in the door to him being on an EKG was 8 minutes. I know because I was timing it! The ED was busy but a possible heart attack is a priority there. Every nurse, PA, MD and tech who cared for him could not have been more caring and attentive. After multiple tests and a 18 hour stay overnight, he was discharged, very thankfully, with no major heart, lung or blood clots issues.

I must add that both of us had careers in healthcare and I recently retired from business development in a hospital system in CA, so we are extremely critical consumers! The care and respect we received was exceptional and of the highest quality.

Thank you to the all professionals we encountered and kudos to management for the positive culture you have created there.