Her effort and her energy surpassed what we had expected

JoAnn Hurst, Community Member

We wanted to take a minute and thank the staff at the Bronson Cancer Center in Kalamazoo for the wonderful opportunity they provided for our first Project SEARCH intern assigned there. Not only were the Cancer Center staff supportive, but the internship also provided a valuable life experience.  Please know your willingness to work with a Project SEARCH intern and support the program has impacted a life in a positive way that is appreciated by many!

Paula S. contributed many hours to mentoring and training our Project SEARCH intern.  Her effort and her energy surpassed what we had expected.  Paula not only trained the intern on the skills that may be needed for paid employment but she naturally shared her knowledge and guidance on how to be a productive individual in the community.  Thank you Paula!!  You have a gift and we know your generosity will impact the intern in a positive manner for years to come!

The 2021-2022 Project SEARCH team once again is honored to be able to be a team comprised of Bronson employees who are willing to go that extra mile and make a difference.  Thank you to all the team members who made a difference: Stephanie Bayma, Joshua Fitzgibbon, Paula Striebel, Mikka Dryer and Beth Washington.