Healthcare could use more workers such as her and Ruth

Shelby Hurd , Patient

My story is relatively short, but I can’t help but want to share it. I had an amazing experience with two wonderful ladies at the Bronson Women’s Service – Kalamazoo office. Ruth Tatara saw me and did a great job assuaging all of my fears. She explained everything slowly and carefully and with a soft voice. I could tell she truly loves her job and cares for her patients.

The second amazing lady was at the checkout desk. I am sad to say that I did not catch her name, but if it helps get her some recognition, she was at the third desk from the entrance. I truly hope she gets recognized because her service was outstanding. She helped me to schedule a mammogram and gave me a really a really awesome compliment that has left me glowing all day.

Healthcare could use more workers such as her and Ruth! Women like this are a rarity and should be celebrated. I was absolutely blown away by how kind and friendly and knowledgeable they both were. Thank you both so much for making my day that much better!