He treated us just like we were family

Janice Guinyard, Patient

I am Janice Guinyard and I had surgery September 28,2011, and I had a hysterectomy. My doctor was Mr. Dr. Rodriguez and he had a very very very difficult time delivering my uterous. My uterous was removed with a robot. That robot went dull becasue the uterous contained large amounts of calcium. We would like to recognize Mr. Dr. Rodriguez for his excellent work with removing the uterous that weighted 500.40 grams, which is the largest Uterous removed at Bronson so far. Dr. Rodriguez did a great job he did not cut me up hardly at all and the recovery time was very quick and I did not have very much pain. This is amazing for a uterous being this large to have this less amount of pain. There were very few insisions and stiches which also elimated the pain. He was excellent in every way and he treatd us just like we were family. Dr. Rodriguez really shows Bronson posivity and great paitent cented care! We can not thank him enough for his outstanding job that he did! Thanks again.