He treated my mom as if she were a member of his own family

Wendy Ritsema, Family Member

We had a visit to the Emergency Department (ED) on Saturday, January 15.  We were helped by Chelsea and Ben O.  We had come in because Mom, who is a dementia patient, was having severe abdominal pain.  We received an unfortunate diagnosis, which because of the dementia, was harder for Mom.  Ben and Chelsea were so sweet! Not only did they answer every little question multiple times with grace and kindness, but they also understood why she kept asking.

Mom had to use the restroom and could not understand that PureWick wouldn’t wet the bed.  Chelsea got a commode and took time getting Mom settled.  Chelsea was busy and this was extra work. However, she never lost patience, complained, or showed anything but gentleness.

Ben O. did our intake.  Unfortunately for Ben, he resembles my much loved nephew who also works in Bronson’s ER. Every time Ben entered the room, he was confronted with “Is that XXXX?” Every single time, Ben understood and we were able to make it a joke.  I just hope Ben doesn’t have a complex! He treated my mom as if she were a member of his own family.

Sadly, COVID prevented my sister from being with us in the room.  When we received the diagnosis which was not at all what we were prepared for, the staff did try to arrange for my sister to join us.  If I have one complaint, it is that our current (COVID) set up can’t make an allowance in this situation.

Please let Chelsea and Ben O. both know that we appreciate everything they did on 1/15/2022 to put us at ease!

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