He met the unique needs of one of our patients

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Two years ago we created Winner Wednesday.  It was developed as a way to ‘reward and recognize’ the outstanding work that happens each and every day at BBC.

Each Wednesday, I share a weekly winner.  And every three months, a team of employees selects a QUARTERLY winner from the weekly stories shared in those three months.

I am proud to announce our QUARTERLY Winner Wednesday honoree for the FOURTH QUARTER of 2016:  Mike Fahndrich

Mike serves with our BBC maintenance team and was recognized for his compassion, teamwork, and commitment to our patients.

The story we shared on November 30:

Recently, a patient who travels across the community via motorized chair had an issue with a tire.  Our wound center team sought out help and Mike Fahndrich responded.  Without going into great detail, it appeared the problem would require a ‘fix’ from the manufacturer.  The patient would be without transportation while awaiting the new parts – would incur a cost – and their daily life would be disrupted.  Mike did some quick research, came back with his tool box, and fixed the tire and components so that our patient could ride the motorized chair home.

 Thanks to Mike for his creative technical skills and his commitment to delivering exceptional care experiences.  And thank you to the many at BBC who go above-and-beyond every day to meet the needs of our patients and families.

Congratulations Mike Fahndrich on being our QUARTERLY Winner Wednesday honoree for the Fourth Quarter of 2016!