He has left an imprint of positivity on mine and my son’s life

Amy Fill, Family Member

I have received countless compliments, awards and even scholarships in college for my writing, however the amount of help my son has received from his speech therapist Ken Holda off Elm (Bronson Rehabilitation Services – Elm Valley Drive), has left even me struggling to find words that adequately describe the impact he has made on not only my son, Kaleb’s, life but also my own.

I had noticed his speech was delayed, but after countless evaluations through the school system and with his pediatrician he always seemed to fall into that “gray area.” That area where he’s delayed, but not delayed enough for help; that area where a parent constantly worries if their child will fall between an unnoticed crack of the system. Suddenly that “crack” in the system becomes more and more of a canyon, which is exactly what happened.

When Kaleb had his 4 year well child visit I decided to ask for outpatient speech therapy for him. At the time, I felt maybe I was blowing things out of proportion. However when his evaluation came with “Mr. Ken” I learned two things, one was that my son quickly formed a bond with his therapist, the other was that his speech was functioning at about the same level as a 2.5 year old. As a parent, you’re geared towards blaming yourself for just about everything that can and does go wrong, and with this there was no exception. I felt like I had failed my child in such a huge way, that I was denying his ability to communicate with his peers and his family. In a few words, I was crushed. But Mr. Ken, quickly lifted both of our spirits and turned failures into successes.

Kaleb is a completely different time in the short time we’ve been working with Mr. Ken. He used to become upset, scream, cry and demonstrate other tantrum like behaviors because no one understood what he was saying or what he wanted. I can imagine Kaleb felt closed off and isolated from much of the world around him.

Between that first session and now Kaleb has become potty trained (which was a huge struggle for us), has ceased all tantrums and I feel like I can finally communicate with my son, and he can tell me what he needs his mom to hear. That alone has been a gift that I will never be able to repay.

But it’s not just what Mr Ken has done for us, but also how.  Not once has he ever lost his patience, even in those early moments of distraction and frustration for Kaleb. He has always been professional, and shown unyielding care for Kaleb and what his goals are. Speaking of professionalism, he even had spotted a possible visual impairment and recommended an ophthalmologist to see. I had never noticed anything with his vision before, but come to find out Kaleb is far sighted and also has a condition called esophoria, which limits his tracking abilities. If not for Mr Ken, there could have been another “crack turned canyon moment.” Yet again, another thing, another stress and worry, I will never be able to repay him for preventing. Kaleb gets his glasses in a week or two, which will help immensely when he is finally able to attend preschool in the fall.

So with tears in my eyes and gratitude overflowing from every facet of my heart, I implore you to honor and recognize Ken Holda for all he has done for the children he has treated and attended to. He has left an imprint of positivity on mine and my son’s life that I still cannot describe with words alone.

Thank you Mr Ken. And thank you Bronson for having such amazing, qualified and attentive professionals represent your organization.

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