He has a wonderful personality and a sweet soul

LuAnn LeCronier, mom

Marcus was born at Bronson Methodist Hospital in 1996. He was inpatient in the Bronson Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 10 days. Marcus was born premature at 36 weeks with hydrocephalus and other brain anomalies. He was given his first ventricular shunt at 3 days of age.

He was adopted by his forever family and brought into our home at 12 weeks old.

Today, Marcus has progressed and developed well. He has cognitive and physical challenges. He has a seizure disorder controlled by diet and medication. He has had several shunt revisions over the years. Marcus has exceeded initial prognoses and continues to amaze those involved in his medical care. We attribute his success in part to his medical team, PT, OT, Speech team, and most importantly his tenacity for life. Marcus now attends and adult learning program, maintains a part-time job, and participates in Special Olympics. He also enjoys photography, hunting, sports, movies, and X-Box gaming. He will always require supervised and assisted living, but he does very well with basic life skills. He has a wonderful personality and a sweet soul. Marcus is a joy and blessing to those who meet him.


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