He had had a remarkable recovery

Mary Jane, Family Member

June 6, 2016 could have turned out very different for my husband (and our family) had it not been for the prompt and efficient care your team gave him. He suffered a stroke (his second) and this stroke had devastating potential. He had little or no use of his left side and could not speak clearly. Lifecare responded quickly and agreed to take him to Bronson (Kalamazoo). When he arrived there your team responded quickly to his urgent need. When my children and I arrived, your team had already completed the necessary diagnostic tests to give him the “clot buster” drug.( 21 minutes door to drug!!) He was given it within the required “window” of opportunity and he had had a remarkable recovery. The outcome would not have been nearly so successful without your teams very excellent care. From the time he reached your door until he was discharged to Mary Freebed Rab Hospital, he received superb an compassionate care. I (along with my husband, children and grandchildren) thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Keep up the great work, you make a difference in lives!!!

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