Having hip surgery has been life altering

Leigh, Patient

Leigh at her follow-up appointment with Dr. Christ, 13 days after surgery

Leigh walking down the hall 13 days after surgery

I felt like my life was a roller coaster. There were days that it was hard for me to walk. I got to the point that I didn’t want to live like this anymore. When I wanted to walk, I wanted to walk and not have anything hold me back. I wanted to have hope and get my life back. This was my motivator to have hip replacement surgery.

I did lots of research and knew I wanted to have anterior hip replacement. Dr. David Christ came highly recommended and is known as the master of anterior hip surgery. At my office appointment, Dr. Christ shared lots of historical information about hip replacement. He laid out all the facts so that I could make my own decision and that was really important to me. He and Lindsey, his physician assistant, and the entire staff answered all of my questions. I never felt any pressure from Dr. Christ to have the surgery. He obviously is very knowledgeable and knows that surgery inside-and-out. Both my husband, Nate, and I were impressed his skills. He’s very professional, very kind and has a humanitarian side. I had complete trust in his abilities and never wavered.

Prior to the surgery, Nate and I went to the joint replacement class where we learned a lot about preparing before surgery, what to expect after the surgery and the recovery process. We felt safe in the class. Everyone was wearing masks and social distancing was definitely happening.

As to my experience at Bronson, it was perfect. I did not have one bad experience. Everyone was informative, nice, cordial and professional. Care was excellent. I never had one single fear about safety. They took lots of measures to prevent infection. From the procedures you start the week before to the sanitization at the hospital. I felt so relaxed and got comfortable with the care and bedside manner. I felt like I was in good hands all the way through. Great group of professionals and everybody was excellent.

What really impressed Nate and I was that Dr. Christ was so happy that things went so well. He made a point that when he’s doing surgery is when he’s the happiest. That is where his fulfillment is. That is the way he acted . . . lots of positivity.

I found that it’s really important to find the right surgeon for the right procedure and at the right hospital. You also need to ask lots of questions and have the right attitude to commit to a successful recovery. I definitely recommend Dr. Christ and Bronson!

Having hip surgery has been life altering. I now have hope that I can do whatever I want to do.