Having hip replacement surgery was the best thing I ever did!

Dawn, Patient

Dawn just got done running after her grandson, Greyson. Then, time for a good snuggle.

For a number of years I had quite a bit of problems with my right hip. Three years ago, I went to my PCP and had an X-ray taken of my hip. My doctor told me I needed a hip replacement but the radiologist said I had a labral tear. I had surgery for the tear and woke up in horrible pain only to find out that I really needed hip replacement. At that point I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

My son goes to school with Dr. Mark Nikkel’s son and so I made an appointment with him this past spring. Dr. Nikkel confirmed that I needed hip replacement surgery, and recommended anterior hip joint replacement. Dr. Nikkel was very open and honest with me. He didn’t sugar coat the complexity of the surgery and told me exactly what would happen. He was also very cautious about the implant he was going to use. The surgery was scheduled and performed this past June. Dr. Nikkel was superb!

Just after surgery, I had to stand up and it was amazing that I no longer had that horrible pain! The care that I received at the hospital was outstanding. The nurses walked me through everything. I went back to work nine days after surgery. As Dr. Nikkel indicated, I went to rehab for two weeks and used a walker for six weeks. Three weeks after surgery I was working out at the gym.

Now, other moms can’t believe how I can move up and down the bleachers without looking crippled. Having hip replacement surgery was the best thing I ever did!


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